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Stromstad Sandefjord Ferries

  • Fjord Line
    4 Weekly Stromstad Sandefjord Ferries (2h 30m)
  • Color Line
    4 Daily Stromstad Sandefjord Ferries (2h 30m)

Stromstad Guide

Stromstad is a city in western Sweden and traditionally a fishing town. The city has become popular with tourists in recent years due to its historical sites and monuments dotted around the city. The main ferry port is in close proximity to the main town and there is a free bus service from the town centre directly too the port as well as other public transport and a good range of passenger facilities.

Sandefjord Guide

Sandefjord is a city in the Vestfold county of Norway. Sandefjord is famous for being the site where the best-preserved Viking ship was excavated; the remains are now exhibited in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. The ferry port for Sandefjord is located in the centre of the town and offers basic passenger facilities. The port is accessible by public transport and is well signposted by road from the E18 highway.

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